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Newest Activity !

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Make your website by using the platform "Wordpress"!

  • Register WordPress
  • Select theme
  • Set widget
  • Put mainpicture
  • Put rogo
  • Front page and blog page
  • Write blog page
  • Make Navigation
  • Change color
  • Plugin TinyMCE Advanced
  • Plugin SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam
  • Use FTP

Newest WordPress Articles !

2017-06-22 Use "BackWPup" plugin for WordPress to backup your data NEW!

2017 3/2 Make "Child Theme" for WordPress

2017 2/17 Change the main pictures of "Home, blog, sample, and the other" pages for WordPress

2017 2/02 Use PHP to change different main pictures on different pages for WordPress

2017 1/20 Set different main pictures for each page on WordPress

2017 1/5 The importance of the main picture for WordPress

Newest Internet Marketing Articles !

2017-09-28 Is the "Responsive Design" advantage for creating a website? NEW!

2017-09-14 Volume4. Techniques for the National SEO method/Basic SEO

2017-08-10 Volume3. Techniques for the Local SEO method/Basic SEO

2017-07-27 Volume2. Local SEO method and National SEO method/Basic SEO

2017-07-13 Volume1. The most important is the "Title"/Basic SEO

2017 4/27 Set "www" or not with "www" by using the "Google Search Console

2017 4/14 Google has changed the display of the address bar for "SSL" website

2016 08/25 5 crucial points to sell your products by using the online websites"

2016 07/28 The difference between "website blog" and "outside blog"

Newest Jimdo Articles !

2017 1/26 Change different main pictures on different pages of Jimdo

2017 1/12 The importance of the main picture(Jimdo version)

2016 12/22 How to use the original domain to Jimdo

2016 11/09 Create 3D title for Jimdo website

2016 09/30 Create an original icon for Jimdo navigation

2018-03-04 Boot7/Make buttons by adding class to the tag!! NEW!

2018-02-08 Boot6/Using "Font Awesome" for Bootstrap4!!

2017-12-20 Boot5/Make three columns by adding classes

2017-12-07 Boot4/Make the main picture section with Bootstrap4!!

2017-11-23 Boot3/Navigation part of Bootstrap4!!

2017-08-31 Story7/Find shops by searching with Google NEW!

2017-07-17 Story6/Send the HTML codes!!

2017-06-28 Story5/Various kind of layouts for making the websites

2017-06-21 Story4/Three points to make the smartphone websites

2017-06-18 Story3/John Titor and various types of programmings to make websites

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