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The difference between "website blog" and "outside blog"

There are users who are using both website and blog inside the website tools.

On the other hand, there are users who are using the free outside blog apart from the website.

For example, free blogs such as Ameba blog, Excite blog, goo blog, etc. Users use these two type of blogs for their business.
Ameba blog
What is the difference?

I will tell you about it in this article.

First of all, when you put blog inside the website tools, this will be the main-blog. The domain will be the same as the website address.

If the website address is like this,

the blog address will be under the website address.

If it was Ameba blog,

it will be the Ameba blog address.

The former is your domain, and the latter is a rental domain.
Therefore, the former is the main, and the latter is the sub.

The difference between this main and sub is the SEO part.

I will tell you from the main.

Basically, the website topic and the topic of the blog articles shouldn`t be different.

If the topic of your website is furniture, you shouldn`t write articles other than furniture.

It will rank down on the search list if you write about the movie that you saw yesterday or the firework festival held on summer vacation.

These topics should be written on the sub-blog, such as Ameba blog.

Articles of the sub-blog are better to write casually, so I will recommend making category "Private", and write private articles in this category.

Generally, sub-blog is used to enhance SEO of the main-blog.

If you link from the articles that have written on the sub-blog to the main-blog pages or the website pages, you will get more traffics when the users access, and it will rank up on the search list.

But you need to be careful that the contents have to match.
When the page is about furniture, you should link to the pages that is also written about the furniture.
SEO will enhance when you link from many pages and get many traffics of the same contents.

One of the reasons that users use two types of blogs is to improve SEO for their website.

Please use these type of blogs to succeed your business and SEO.


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