Free jQuery - Fade in Fade out - Simple Slider

Easy making and download scripts from here!!
(CSS is not used. easy to customize.)

  • Make Slider Loop

    Number of pictures

    Speed of fade in and fade out

    Picture stopping time




  • The source below automatically changes when you use the button
    on the left, but you cannot change directly.
    Change after you download.

    ↓ Download js file (change .txt to .js after you download)

Thank you for your access!
You can make a simple jquery fade in fade out slider from this page.

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Instructions are the followings.

1.Upload pictures from the input form.

2.Change Loop, number of pictures, speed of fade in and fade out, and picture stopping time.

3.You can see how it moves on the preview.

4.Download the html file and js file from the download button.(Please change the extension ".txt" to ".js" for js file.)

5.Change the path of js link. Change img path and alt.

6.You can also change the speed, stop time, and delay time on the js file after you have downloaded.


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