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Volume3. Techniques for the Local SEO method/Basic SEO

On the last article, I`ve mentioned that there are two ways for SEO.

One is "Local SEO method" and the other is "National SEO method".

Local SEO targets particular areas.
National SEO targets all regions.

Please see about this from here.
Volume2. Local SEO method and National SEO method

This time, I will explain about Local SEO method.

I will list again the points for Local SEO.

1. How to rank higher on the search map by registering to the Google My Business.
2. Target the main area keywords on the top page.
3. Target the near area keywords on different pages.
4. Gain traffic by making contents that are related to all areas.

Register to "Google My Business" to rank higher on the map section.

For the shop owners, you can put your HP information on the map section of Google by registering to the "Google My Business".

Truly, there is a rank system also for this map section and this is called "Map Engine Optimization".

You can hit more users to your website if both the map section and the natural search section rank high on the search engine.

Google My Business is all free.
You can register by entering the identification from the documents that are sent to your home or office address.

Not only that you can rank on the map section, but you can also use Google+ of business use when you register to Google My Business.

This will affect the map search result as well.

If you write contents frequently on Google+, there will be a possibility to rank high on the map section.

You don`t have to write long articles like blog articles, but you should write many times regularly.

Just write contents about the new articles that you have updated on the official website and paste the link and a few words will be fine.

The other point is to write reviews of the customers on Google My Business.

Sometimes there are bad reviews, so there are risks, but if you try the review system, there is a possibility to rank high on the map section.

Hit the main keyword to the top page.

The big point of the Local SEO is to set the area for keywords.

Ideally, if you are the owner of the pet shop, "Shinjuku Pet shop" will be a good keyword to set.

There are various ways to set the area keywords.

"Shinjuku" "Shinjyku-ku" "Shinjyku station".

There are many keywords that you can set, but the bad way is to cram all these keywords only to the top page.

You need to put these keywords that Google favors.

I will show you how to set this.

Like I have mentioned, for top page, you should set only one area keyword.

The example keyword above will be "Shinjuku" since "Shinjuku" is the main area.

Other than the area, the main keyword will be "pet shop" so "Shinjuku Pet shop" wil be the good combined main keywords for the top page.

Target the near area keywords on different pages

Next, it will be the settings other than the top page.

The main keywords on the top page were "Shinjuku".

The other related keywords like "Shinjuku-ku" should be set on the other pages.

This "Shinjuku-ku" is good to set for example on the access page of the website.

The way how to set mainly is to set on the title.

Please see about this on the article Volume 1.

Volume1. The most important is the "Title"

By this, if you use the combined keywords "pet shop", the access page has a possibility to rank higher with the keyword "Shinjuku-ku pet shop".

Next, make different pages.

Create a page with the keyword "Shinjuku station Pet shop" on the title.

If you finish with putting the area keywords related to "Shinjuku", make other pages with the title near to the Shinjuku area .

"Okubo" "Nakano" "Yoyogi" is near to Shinjuku, and these areas are also the target for this pet shop.

Gain traffic by making contents that are related to all areas.

This fourth method will be the most important part.
Other than the top page, and the sub pages, you should put
"useful articles" to your website targeting to all the areas.

The good idea is to put blog inside your website so that you can write the contents easily.

For example, you can make a category of a cat, and write articles about what kind of pet foods do cats like?, or The new way how to make your cat sleep well.
The point is to make many useful articles for the users.

Not only cats, but you can make categories such as dog and bird, and write contents about these.

You can include the area keywords to the title or you don`t have to include it.

If you write useful contents, these articles will be hit on the search engine and you can gain many traffic.

Like I mentioned on the article before, Amazon and Wikipedia gain many traffics to rank high on the search result.

It`s the same that if you gain many traffics to the articles, also the top page and the subpage will rank higher.

The traffic will make it rank higher to the whole website.

So, the point is to put many useful articles and gain traffics.
You can use Facebook and Twitter posting links to the website to gain traffics as well.

This is the main method of "Long tail SEO method".

The way how to write the title on the useful article is that you don`t have to write areas like "Shinjuku" or "Yoyogi" on the title all the time.

This is because to gain traffic doesn`t matter where the area is.

But sometimes you need to write articles that include the area on the title, because the user that searches include the people living near your shop, and if the title shows with the area, they can find your shop with the area written on the title.

Also, you can put area keywords that you didn`t write on the sub pages.

For example, if you didn`t put "Yotusya" on the sub page title, you can write on one of the useful articles.

"The pet shop that many of the customers come from Yotusya will show you the proper way how to tame the cat!"

In this way, "Yotusya" near area keyword is included.

Sometimes you should write useful articles including the areas and mainly you don`t have to include the areas since it needs to be hit on wide areas to gain traffics.

This time I have explained about the Local SEO method.
Next time I will explain about the National SEO method.


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