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Volume4. Techniques for the National SEO method/Basic SEO

I`ve explained you about the Local SEO method last time.

This time, I will explain you about the National SEO method.

For National SEO method, we will not include the particular area keywords like the Local SEO method because the area will be all the regions.

Setting "Shinjuku" was a good way to set on the top page for Local SEO, but how about National SEO?

For example, what if the website was a shopping website that sells furniture.

In this case, you can make a title like, 'Online shopping website of furniture for all the regions - Kurasail'

By this title, the users will understand that it is not the shop for the particular areas, but it`s the all regions type of shopping site like "Dinos" and "Nitori".

But you need to be careful about this.

Like I`ve mentioned for the local SEO, you shouldn`t cram keywords to the top page.

If you make a title like "Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido online furniture site - Kurasail", all the keywords will just stay in the middle rank or low.

You should not become greedy.
I suggest setting only one keyword, and set Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido on the other pages.

It is significant to separate with categories

How to construct the website is important for National SEO.

This is because if you separate the pages into categories, there is a possibility that the sub page will rank higher.

For example, as I`ve mentioned with the furniture website, you should make categories like tables and sofas.

Then, make this category pages like a list of each product, and place a link that jumps to the product explanation page.

The example will be like this.
For the category of a table, make explanation pages that include round table, long table, glass table, etc. and place these products as a list on the category pages.

There is a reason why we should do this.

The basic page needs more than 800 letters a page.
(1600 letters for English)

The theme of the page that needs an explanation for specialties will be 1600 letters.
(3200 letters for English)

And more than 3800 letters to rank higher than the competitive websites.
(6400 letters for English)

Actually, the search engine is counting the words of a category page plus the explanation pages.

For example, if the category page of the table is 800 letters, the round table is 400 letters, the glass table is 400 letters, and the long table is 400 letters, the search engine will add up all this number and count as 1600 letters.

If you make more explanation pages, it`ll reach to 3800 letters.

Like this, you can construct the category pages and the explanation pages to make it as a factor to rank higher on the search result.

The example picture below is the category page of a shopping site of cars.

When you click each link, you`ll jump to the explanation pages.
The search engine also counts the words of the category pages and the explanation pages on this website to rank higher on the search result.

Make useful information pages

The another factor to rank higher on the search result is to gain traffics.

Amazon and Wikipedia rank high with any words inside the website because there are enormous traffics every day.

How can we gain traffics then?

It is tiresome to increase your product pages or the category pages.
But if you make a useful information pages, not only that you can gain access to your website, but you can also give good information to the users.

And these users might be a good customer to buy your products.

For example, if you are the owner of the gardening online shopping site, you can write blog page like "How to do your gardening in autumn".

You have the specialty about gardening, so this should be the good information to the users.

The users might reach to your website by the keyword "gardening autumn", and they might buy your product after reading your blog page.

Also, if you put links to your Facebook and Twitter pages, you will earn more traffics.

When you place these kinds of useful information pages on to your website, your search rank will be higher, and buyers will increase by reading your articles.

This time, I have explained about National SEO method.


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