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Volume1. The most important is the "Title"/Basic SEO

Probably, many people already know this, but the most important factor of SEO is the "Title".

"Title" means not the title of the website. It`s the title of one page.

First, you need to be careful if you are using a website platform.

Jimdo should upgrade to a pay plan to change the title of each page.

WordPress needs to install a plugin called "All in One SEO Pack" .

Like this, many of the platforms also think that title is important, and it`s the most important factor for SEO.

Why is the title most important to do SEO.

For example, if you search with the words

"Shinjuku Cafe"

The websites that include in the keyword "Shinjuku Cafe" on the title will be on the list of the search result.

The search engine will not let your link on the search result list if there is no "Shinjuku Cafe" included on your title.

The important point is what keywords you want to be hit.

What kind of keywords should you include on the title?

The example above was "Shinjuku Cafe".

But there are more examples of keywords that you can include.

"Shinjuku-ku cafe"

"Shinjuku station cafe"

"Shinjuku restaurant cafe"

Actually, people search with different keywords.

But there are limits to include all these words to one title.

The keywords you should include is one to two keywords the most on one title.

If you include "Shinjuku cafe", you shouldn`t include "Shinjuku-ku" on this page anymore. (There are exceptions.)

So what keywords should you choose from many?

What keywords should I choose from the example that I`ve given?

"Shinjuku-ku cafe"

"Shinjuku station cafe"

"Shinjuku restaurant cafe"

This is the part that is important for SEO.

Most of the websites include several pages, so you should make different titles including different keywords for each page.

For the top page

"Shinjuku Cafe"

The other page, include

"Shinjuku-ku Cafe"

You can put more keywords on the other different pages

"Shinjuku restaurant cafe"

By doing this, you don`t have to cram the keywords inside only one title.
You can make it "one title - one keyword" to every page.

Do you know a website called "Wikipedia".

This is a dictionary type of website.

If someone searches for a particular famous person, all the time, Wikipedia ranks on the very high position on the search result, and not the top page but it hits the page of the famous person directly.

Like the same, search engine system is made to search by "one page - one title keywords."

The method of setting keywords to different pages is called "Long tail SEO method".

Can`t you rank high only by one keyword?

There is a question.

Is there any way to rank high only with "Shinjuku Cafe"?

This is difficult but it`s possible.

If you use "Long tail SEO method", the top page will also rank higher, and not only the top page but all the pages will rank higher.

If you think more of Wikipedia, all the pages rank high, and this is the key.

The most important factor to rank every pages higher is the traffic.

Including the top page, you need traffics on the other pages from the search result or by followed by the link.

It will be an advantage for SEO when you get more and more traffic to several pages.

Wikipedia gets tremendous traffics every day.

Google thinks that such website that gets a huge amount of traffic is a website that is important for the users.

The level is different, but all the websites is in the same system inside the search engine.

Even if it`s a cafe in Shinjuku, if that website makes many pages on the website including different keywords on different titles and can gain many traffic to each page, the rank of all the pages will get higher including the top page.

The next article will be about more explanations about "Long tail SEO method".


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Volume1. The most important is the "Title"/Basic SEO

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