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Volume2. Local SEO method and National SEO method/Basic SEO

On article Volume1, I have written that the most important point of SEO is the "title".

And I also explained that you cannot cram the keywords on to one title, so you need to put keywords on the different title on different pages.

I`ve mentioned that this method is called "Longtail SEO method".

This time, I will explain about two different ways to do Longtail SEO method.

The two ways for Longtail SEO method

We can say this "two ways" as a purpose of making the websites.

When you make a website, there should be a purpose to it.

Your club activity, business activity, shopping website, hobbies, etc.
There are various ways of purpose to make your website.

There is two main purposes for these.

It`s the "Area".

"Area" means that if you want to have your actiivity in the certain area, or if you want to have it in all the areas.

For specific areas, for example, if you are the owner of the pet shop in Shinjuku, the area will be limited to near Shinjuku.

If the area is limited, it will be

Local SEO method

What if your website is the online shopping for the furniture like Amazon or Rakuten.

In this case, you need to do

National SEO method.

Like this, there are two purposes.

What is Local SEO method?

This is the point, but before doing the Local SEO method, you need to see that the keywords you want to rank higher are the keywords for the Local keyword or not.

For example,

if you want to rank higher for the keyword

"Shinjuku Petshop"

If you search with Google, it will be like this.

We need to see two points here.

The first point is to see that the map is on the top of the search engine or not.

There will always be a map on the top if you search with the Local keyword.

The related shop will be shown on the map.

That is why for local keywords, the area you are finding should be included.

The second point is to see that the "map button" is on the very left side of the tab.

If the map button is on the very left, it means that you are searching with the Local keyword.

The map button will not be shown on the very left side on the tab if it is the National keyword.

The big difference of the Local keyword compared to the National keyword is that the search rank will be different by the area that you are searching right now.

What is National keyword?

National keyword is the all area that you are targeting.

Not the particular place that you are targeting, but it`s the wide area that you want to hit on the search result.

For example
All areas that you want to hit the online furniture shopping site.

Keywords will be

"Online shopping furniture"

This time, the map is not on the top of the search result.

Also, the map button is not on the very left side of the tab, but there is a picture button instead.

This means it`s National keyword.

The place that you are searching affects differently from Local keywords.

More about Local SEO method and National SEO method

I will explain more about this on the next article.

I have listed about the points for Local SEO method.

1. How to rank higher on the search map by registering to the Google My Business.
2. Target the main area keywords on the top page.
3. Target the near area keywords on different pages.
4. Gain traffic by making contents that are related to all areas.

I will write the next article by this four main points about the Local SEO method.

On Volume 4. I will explain about the National keyword.


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