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Upload "Sitemap.xml" to publish on the search engine efficiently.

The second thing you need to do after making the website is to register "sitemap.xml".

We have registered to Google Search Console and have set either with "www" or not on the previous article.

Next, we will set "sitemap.xml".

To say it easily, this is a way to publish the contents of the website efficiently on the search result.

Especially, when you first start your website, it should be on the search engine list to begin.

To be on the list quickly, I suggest using the sitemap.xml.

I will explain how to set this.

「sitemap.xml Editor」

It is good to use this tool.
You can easily make sitemap.xml by using this.

Input your website URL and click the big button on the bottom.
Then download will start.

There are many buttons that you can set, but leave the button as it is if you are just starting the website.

※You can exclude the particular folders with these buttons.

After you have downloaded, upload the file with FTP.

Next, login to the Search Console, click "Crawl" and "Sitemap".

Click the red button "Add Sitemap".

Input the folder(layer) of your website URL.

If you are using "Wpblog" for Wordpress, you cannot upload the file to the first layer, so you should also assign the folder name.

http://name of the folder/sitemap.xml

For Jimdo, it will automatically make the sitemap.xml, so you don`t need to use the editor.

Like below, input the website URL and write "sitemap.xml", and it will register.

https://website URL/sitemap.xml

Your website will appear on the search result in few days.

It will publish on the search result without doing anything, not by sending the sitemap, but it will take time, so I suggest using the sitemap after making your website.


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Upload "Sitemap.xml" to publish on the search engine efficiently.

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