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About Web Shakehands

2 ways to use this website.

1.Make your website lessons and seminars !!

Web Shakehands will provide you lessons and seminars in Chiba.

Most of the lessons are one-to-one private lessons but we also have group lessons as well.

Not only the lessons but please see the know-how about the internet marketing. I hope these will help you make your own original websites.

Use WordPress to create your website.
How to register WordPress >>
Use Jimdo to create your website.
How to register Jimdo >>
2.Collaborate your activity with others !
Collaborate your activity with others !

Ideas wanted for this section !

Website is one of tools to share your activity with other people.

The most important point is your activity itself.

Web Shakehands office staff will help your activity make it more livelily by expanding, gathering, sharing your activity with others.

Let`s bond your specialty - “WAZA”.

See more about “WAZA Collaborate Matching" >>


Company:Bright Art Planning

Web site:http://www.bright-art.com

Address:1-16-8 Benten, Chuouku, Chibashi, Chiba

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