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Set "www" or not with "www" by using the "Google Search Console"

I have written about articles about how to make websites, but what should you do after making the websites.

I will tell you in the article by several times about "the way how to put your website on the search list" and "how you can set the URL".

When you finish making your websites, I suggest you register into the "Search Console".

"Search Console" is a tool from Google that you can set many things about search engine and collecting data.

You can set many here, but I will explain about how to set the URL this time.

First, please register the Google account.

Many people already have Gmail or other tools so I will omit how to set this on this article.

Log in to the Google account and search "Search Console", and it will show you on the search engine right away.

This is the display of Search Console.

Put your website URL into this fill in box and click "Add a property".

On the next page, you will need to verify your ownership.

You will register of the 1 through 4 steps written here. (Prefer using the google Chrome English mode.)

Download the HTML verification file.

Upload this file on the first layer of the website files.

Check "I`m not a robot" and click "verify".

You will use the FTP to access the files.
Please check on this page for the FTP.

But you cannot access to the first layer when you are using the free rental server "WPblog".(Also for Jimdo.)

In this way, please click the "Alternate methods" and check "HTML tag".

The tag will appear so copy the tag and paste it wherever middle of the <head>~</head> from the "theme" button that we`ve done before.

(I suggest making a child theme so that the theme won`t go back to the original when you upload. You can check the article from here.)

For Jimdo, click "Settings" , and input inside "Edit Head".

When you click the "verify" button, the check mark will appear that it shows the verification have completed. Click the button to go to the next page.

Next, it is about the website URL. Do you ever wonder about this URL?

There are patterns such as 「http://www」「http://」that there is "www" on to it and not.

This "www" is the point.

It depends on your rental server but the same page will appear if you type 「http://www.example.com」or「http://example.com」.

I will omit the difficult explanation, but Google will lower your rank if 「http://www.example.com」「http://example.com」both hits on the search engine.

The two same pages will recognize it as doubled contents, and it will affect the ranking.

(But you cannot say that when you set this, the rank will be on the top.)

You can set this so that only one of the patterns will appear on the search engine.

It is not a problem to set which one.

Maybe it is better to set the omit www pattern to make the URL shorter.

I will show you how to set this. Like the picture on the bottom, click "Site settings".

You can choose to have "www" or not.

But, an error message comes out.

This is a very ununderstandable message. To get rid of this error, you need to register your website one more from "Add a property". This time add by having "www" if you have registered with no "www" and add with no "www" if you have registered with having "www".

Again, you need to take the 1 through 4 steps to verify.

This time step 1 , 2 or the inserting the tag are already done, so you don`t have to do these steps.

When you add another property with "www" or not with "www", the error message won`t appear and you can complete the setting.

The search engine will now appear either with "www" or not.

Not every website have set this, so Google doesn`t change the rank greatly, but I suggest you set this because I can say that there will be a change in running of the search crawler to be one of the causes that affect the rank.

The next article will be about being on the search list fastly and certainly by setting the "sitemap.xml".


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