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The importance of the main picture for WordPress

WordPress is an awesome platform that many of the users are using it all around the world.

You can easily make your websites by installing many design themes and plugins.

But there is one important thing that you cannot do easily with many of the themes.

This is related to "main picture", the very big picture on the top of the website, that I have also mentioned in the previous article.

Please see the article from here.

Google suggests you make your website pages with the keywords that best match its contents.

I`ll try to explain with the imaginary Shinjuku Petshop like I have mentioned before.

If the users search with the keyword "Shinjuku Petshop", of course, the list of pet shop in Shinjuku will appear on the search result, and they will expect a catch copy on the main picture like "Pet Shop in Shinjuku !"

But users who search on the search engine now tend to narrow the keyword in details.


"Shinjuku cat pet shop"

"Shinjuku dog pet shop"

"Pet shop for birds in Shinjuku"

By the reason that users are getting used to the search engine, they try to search with specific keywords.

For this situation, it is good to have a catch copy "Shinjuku Pet shop !" on the main picture, but Google suggest to put even detailed contents for the catch copy.

Like the keyword
"Shinjuku cat pet shop"

A catch copy for example

"Shinjuku Cat 11 kinds! Pet Shop"

will be specific, and the percentage of arriving to the petshop will increase.

The keyword
"Shinjuku dog pet shop"

A catch copy for example

Shinjuku Dog 12 kinds!
Pet Shop

will be specific, and the users will read the further contents.

To do this, you need to use the other pages other than the top page.

This is because you need to write "Pet shop in Shinjuku !" on the top page so that users will understand that there are several animals in this shop other than cats.

If the users search with "bird and dog" related keywords, they might leave the website immediately if "Shinjuku Cat 11 kinds! Pet Shop" is written on the top page.

Therefore, you need to set the catch copy on different pages other than the top page, and the contents should be only cats for pages of the cats and birds for the birds.

This technique is very important for SEO and Listing advertisement.

The point is that the contents and the searched keywords should be best matched.

I will go back to the explanation of the WordPress.

There are many design themes for the WordPress that you have to use the same main picture for the top page, the other page, and the blog page in your website.

In other words, you cannot use different main pictures for each page easily.

You can change this, but you have to manipulate the HTML files for most of the themes.

I will explain on the other articles about this.


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