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EDO-FUJI in Midtown
Tokyo  Area 


東京ミッドタウンの開業10周年を記念して、「JAPAN, THE BEAUTIFUL」をテーマに、日本が世界に誇るシンボル“富士山”のモニュメント『江戸富士』が広大な芝生広場に登場します。高さ約6m、幅約23mのスケールで、アートと最新技術を駆使して表現する富士山の屋外インスタレーションです。


さらに、4月21日からは、「Rhizomatiks Architecture」による、『江戸富士』を彩るデータヴィジュアライズを用いた空間演出が登場します。地質学や植物学など様々な視点から、富士山の一面を豊かに表現します。


In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the opening of Tokyo Midtown, the theme of "JAPAN, THE BEAUTIFUL" will be on the vast lawn open space "Edo Fuji" monument of Japan's world-famous symbol "Fuji". It is an outdoor installation of Mt. Fuji expressing with art and the latest technology at the scale of about 6 m in height and about 23 m in width.

Production of the monument is handled by Mr. Seiji Nishihata of Plant Hunter who develops various projects using plants in Japan and overseas and continues to deliver new value. We will produce using bark compost, etc. with chipping of pruning materials such as street trees. Compost used will be reused as urban development compost after the event is over.

Furthermore, from April 21st, space presentation using data visualization which colors "Edo Fuji" by "Rhizomatiks Architecture" will appear. From a variety of perspectives such as geology and botany, we will express one aspect of Mt. Fuji abundantly.


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