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"Tokyo" a new template for Jimdo.

A new template from "Jimdo benefit supporter" came out in a month ago.

A new template

This template


is made of "Responsive design".

It automatically adjusts to the optimum layout to smartphone and tablet.

The other template is made of PHP or other programs to change the layout to different devices, but "Responsive design" fits the contents to the size of the display.

Google recommends "Responsive design" to make websites.
Therefore, there is no navigation on the sides, and page link is in the footer section so that the users can use easily with tablet and smartphone.

You cannot change your template to "Tokyo" from the template that you are using it now, but when you plan for renewal or pick up part of the topic on your website to make that topic as your new website, this template is recommendable.

(You are not allowed from Google to use the same contents to make several websites.)

A new template

Users in Japan are not used to the templates from the other countries, but Jimdo uses default templates abroad, so as the name "Tokyo", this is suitable for the users in Japan.

There are cases that websites are made with "Responsive design" not only Jimdo but also "Wordpress" and other websites that are made by HTML, and this will be the main method of website creation.

"Smartphone first", a way of making websites first from smartphone instead of PC, is mainly used now because smartphone users are increasing.

For the people who are making websites with Jimdo, it is also better to think about the contents from smartphone instead of PC.

For example, users will see more letters on the small display of smartphone compared with PC.

Users will leave the websites if they see too many letters on the display.

Blogs need letters for reading, but you need to use more pictures for websites to make the visual good.

I will write about "Smartphone first" in the other articles, but I will recommend this new template "Tokyo" as an excellent template in this article.


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