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Add a box around the words on the Jimdo contents section

Jimdo is a website tool that can easily make your website without using the HTML tags, but the good point is that you can write the HTML tags directly to the contents word section.

By using the custom layout, HTML is also available in the header and the footer section.

You need time and effort to make a website by using HTML from the beginning, and you also need time to learn how to use HTML.

For this reason, people think that HTML is a bit difficult.

But you can put "idea section" easily, if you use HTML only on a part.
I will introduce you one "idea section" on this article.

"CSS" is a style language that is used as a set with HTML.

We will use CSS this time.

Jimdo ボックス

Like the sample image, it is readable and looks cool if you surround the words with a box.

I will upload the tags so that you can use it by copy and paste.

Click "Text" and from the text tool box, window to write HTML will appear.

Jimdo 枠

(Copy and paste the below tag.)
Please change the contents part to the information of yours.)

Please paste the tag into the window.

I will write the explanation of the tags. Jimdoのコード

1.border: 4px

"border" is used to surround the words by line. "4px" is used to change the thickness of the line.


You can select the type of a line. There are "solid" (one line) and other types other than "double".

You can find other types from the below page.


You can change the color.

You can find the color from the color chart.

4.padding: 10px

You can change the distance from the words to the box.
5.border-top: 7px

Only a line is above the box.

After the "border"

By adding "top", a line will be on top of the box.

You can change the thickness of the line by "7px".

It will be the same as 2. , 3, for the color and the type of a line.
Not only the box but if you put a line above the box will make it nicer and cooler.
If you use CSS on several sections, you can make your website even nicer !


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