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Which is better, Jimdo or Wordpress?

You had to pay lots of money to a website company in order to have your own website in the past, but you can now make your own website using free website tools.

One of the reasons people do not request to a website company now is because users mainly use smartphone to search websites, and needs for stylish PC websites are declining.

There are two main website tools that are used recently.

I will write about merits and demerits of Jimdo and Wordpress on this article.

Merits of Jimdo

The biggest merit of Jimdo is that you can create your website easily.

You can operate from the page directly to make your contents, use tool buttons for all the parts instead of using difficult know-how of tags, and also make many pages by using built-in blog system.
Seo will be improved and original domain is usable if you upgrade from free plan to pay plan.

Jimdo is the best to create website easily by using drag & drop system.

Merits of Wordpress

You can say that "Wordpress" is the most famous website tool.

Many templates are created because of its name value, and users can select from immense amount.

The reason that there are many Wordpress users is that it targets to both blog and website creaters. It is basically made for blog users, but you can also customize into website. These two targets have matched users needs.

I will say that this multifunctional customization system is the reason for popularity.

There are also people who takes time to customize their website and make it on a level with that of website company creates, but you need know-how in order to do this, so for beginners Jimdo is popular.

Demerits of Jimdo and Wordpress

I will talk about demerits from here.

First of all, purpose of making your website will change its demerits.

It is suitable and easy for making website using Jimdo for your hobbies. You can just select from many templates and it doesn`t take time.

Wordpress is also suitable for making your website for your hobbies by studying and taking time to create high-level websites.

You won`t feel too much demerits for both Jimdo and Wordpress to create your website of your hobbies, but what kind of demerits you will have if you are making website of your business?

Which is better to use Jimdo or Wordpress if you are a shop owner of a boutique?

You need to select carefully for business matters because it affects your profits.

You should know first that Wordpress needs rental server for operation.

Rental server is like a storehouse to keep your website files.

You have to pay about 5000 yen an year for a low-price rental server, and you also need to pay about 1000 yen an year for original domain.

On the other hand, Jimdo free plan is not bad for using it as a business, but I suggest you to upgrade to pay plan because original domain can be used and SEO can be improved.

(SEO is usable also in free plan.) 11340 yen will be needed to upgrade into pay plan and 1000 yen is needed for original damain, so you need total of 12000 yen an year.

As you can see, Worderpress is managed cheaper compared with Jimdo, but instead you need know-how to use wordpress to make a high-level websites.

These reasons are the demerits of Jimdo and Wordpress if you are trying to create website for your business.

For my personal suggestion, it might be good to take steps.

First, use Jimdo free plan.
Next, update to pay plan when you got used to free plan.
Then, renewal to Wordpress if you prefer high-level website.

You can move the original domain to Wordpress so you do not have to change your website address.

Of course, starting Wordpress from the first step will be completely fine.

There are merits and demerits, but I can say that Jimdo and Wordpress are conveniently usable tools.

These two main tools are now essential for making your websites.


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