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10 contents that you can write into Jimdo top page.

One of the merits of using "Jimdo" is that you can change contents by yourself instead of giving orders to a website company.

Especially, changing the contents of the very first page (top page) can be the biggest merit.

Top page is the "face" of your website, so users will decide to click the next page by how attractive those contents are.

I will write about techniques of how to make attractive contents on this article.

There are two ways to make your top page.

Short-length top page.

Long-length top page.

There are websites that looks the design well by using "short-length" top page.

Hair salon, esthetic salon, nail salon, architecture, fashion model, etc.

Websites that are used mainly to attract customers use "long-length" top page.

Shop business (chiropractic clinic, school, pet shop), real estate, lawyer, small and medium‐sized enterprise, etc.

縦が短いページ 縦が長いページ

Why "long-length" top page is suitable to attract customers ?

You need to show the attractiveness of the contents in the top page so that users click the second page.

Ideally, also the websites of esthetic and hair salon should use "long-length" top page to attract more customers, but many websites use "short-length" top page because it will distort the design.

I will simply explain how to make "long-length" top page this time so that you can gain more customers.

Maybe it becomes a good review for the people who are making website with Jimdo mainly for business.

1.Place telephone number on the top right.
(Write e-mail or other contact button if you cannot put telephone number on your website.)

2.The first place that users look into is the "main picture".
Write area, category, shop name, sales copy, company picture, etc.
Cat Farm !

Pet shop only for cats in Aoyama !
More than 200 cats in the store !
Mor than 100 customer`s voice !

Pictures of many cats playing at the store.

3.Put contents talking about "You" (about the customers).
"You" as the main person.

Do you want to have a cat that becomes your real friend of you?

What kind of cats would you like to have ?

Picture of "Abesinian"
Picture of "American short hair"
Picture of "Persha"

Try to start with topic "You".

4.For people like this.
Still write about "You".

If you are worried with your cat`s loud voice.

I want a cat but it is too expensive.

I cannot find a cat that fits me.

5.Merits of our shop.
Start talking about "Me" (about your shop).

Please be assured !

We will help your desires.
You can choose a cat from 200 at this shop,
so you are able to find a cat that is quiet!
This shop is cheap!
Ranked five in Tokyo for low price.

Cordinator will find you the best cat in the shop!

6.Customer`s voice
Customer`s face picture, own writing.

7.Recommender`s voice
The shop was on the "Pet Magazine".
An actor "OO" visited the shop !

2 pet foods will be given as a gift if you buy now!

9.Tell ideas and feelings of the shop owner.
You can tell that this website is not maily for only selling.

Owner loves cat.
He has 5 cats at his house.
Owner wants to tell you that cats are your family.
It is good to live with cats.

This is an imaginary example.

Google map
Train, bus, how to go by car.

The point of making a "long-lenth" top page is to start telling about "You" (customers) and eventually tell about "Me" (shop).

"Short-length" top page is not bad, but user mainly access with smartphone now.
You cannot make difficult design like PC because the size of the smartphone display is small.

The ideal websites needing now is to make the top page long so that the users can understand the attractive contents from the top page.


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