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Change different main pictures on different pages of Jimdo

I have written on the previous article about how to change the main picture on different pages.

Click to see the previous article.

This time I will explain how to set this.

To do this, you need to upgrade to pay plan for Jimdo, but you can also set original domain when you upgrade, so maybe this will be a good opportunity for you to change into pay plan.

I will explain with the new template "Tokyo" from Jimdo Benefit supporter

Click "Menu" , "design", and "background".

From here, you can set all the background main picture.
But this time we will change the picture of the particular page, so we need to follow the further steps.
※The main picture will still not appear on all the pages even if you set this part.

Next, click "Settings".

Click "Edit head"

Select the page you want to change the main picture.
Write whatever name you want with English on the fill in section.

Next, fill in the tag below.

By inserting this tag, you can change the main picture for different pages.

※The place of the buttons might be different.

Save, and open the pages that you have set.
Go back to the first step that we have done above.
You are able to change the particular main picture on to that page by setting the background main picture.

The main picture is important to do SEO and listing advertisement.
If you are using your website as a business, I suggest using this technique.


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