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Get the original domain

Users will receive good impression when you have your original URL for your business websites and also websites for your hobby.

Domain of Jimdo contains "Jimdo" in the URL.

Ex. http://shogi-games.jimdo.com/

It seems that it is a rental domain, so for business, it is better to have your original domain.

You need to buy a domain from shops on the internet, and there are low-cost domains and little bit high-cost domains.

I would like to tell you about several kinds of domains and a website that you can buy it.


The famous website that you can buy is the "Muu Muu domain"


It is only from 99 yen a month, but first, you need to understand that there are several types of domain.






I have listed some examples of the domain.

There are many other kinds, but these are the popular ones.

.com = Mainly companies use this domain. (an abbreviation of commercial)

.net = Mainly network companies use this domain. (an abbreviation of network)

.info = Mainly information website use this domain (an abbreviation of information)

You don`t have to follow these meanings.
These domains are used all over the world.


.jp = Meaning Japan

.jp domain separates into 3 more different kinds.


General-purpose jp domain


You can get the domain personally if you are living in Japan.
There are no limits to the number of domains you can register.


Attribute type jp domain



On front of『.jp』there is『co』『or』『ne』 to show an organization or a group.
You can only get 1 domain for an organization or a group.


Regional type jp domain


It is made out of a prefecture name and a city name.
You can get the domain personally.
You can only get 1 domain for an organization or a group.


As you can see, there are several types of domain.

.jp domain costs a little bit higher.

2,840 yen for .jp

3,780 yen for .co.jp

Please be careful that .co.jp is the domain that only companies can receive.

The popular domain is the .com.

You can use it for many categories including shops and net shops.

If you get .com, there shouldn`t be any mistake.

It is easy to buy a domain.


If you use "Muu Muu domain",

you can check the price and see if the domain has already taken or not from the linked page from the top page.

After checking, click the button of the domain you prefer.

Next, just follow the direction on the pages to register.

I will tell you about how to set the original domain to Jimdo or WordPress on the other articles.


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