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Are you telling the appeal of your HP within 3 seconds in the catch copy?

The first place that users see is the main picture on the top page, so we can say that it is like a sign board if it were shops.

Users decide whether to leave the website or read the contents by the catch copy of the main picture, and they decide by three seconds to read the next section or not. Therefore, catch copy is one of the most important parts.

This article is about how to write a catch copy.
how to write a catch copy
Three factors that are important to write a catch copy.

1. Write what kind of website it is.

First, write in details.

Of course, everybody naturally writes what kind of website it is, but you should write the selling point with a set.

For example, if it was a website of a curry shop.

Not only "Curry Shop Goo!", but write an appeal in details.

"You can choose from eight hotness. Curry shop Goo!"

"Only 500yen. Curry Shop Goo!."

Users increase their interest when you write the appeal in details.
2. Area is needed.

Users have to find the area written on the website, and they feel stress if there is no area written on the very first view.

"Best shop in Ogikubo!"

"1 min. from Shinjuku station!"

When you write area, users see the next section without any stress.

On the other hand, you may write like this if it is nationwide.

"We got orders from all nations."

Only the target users for all nations will look into the website if they know instantly that the products are selling nationwide.
3. Use numbers.

Using numbers make it persuasive.

"You can choose from eight hotness."

"Only 500yen."

"1 min. from Shinjuku station!"

Numbers are all used to appeal the shops.

"The history of 50 years."

"Over 300 letters of customer`s voice."

We see many catch copy like this.

You can appeal your websites by using these three points.


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