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Install "Smart Slider 3" plugin into WordPress.

Recently, "slider" is used often instead of "flash animation" on the top page main picture because "flash animation" doesn`t work on iPad and iPhone.

For WordPress, there are several slider plugins that have created.

I will introduce you "Smart Slider 3" plugin this time.

A demo will be the below address.


As you can see, if you click the arrow, the picture will slide and shows the next slide.

スライダー ワードプレス

We will put this plugin inside.


A picture is uploaded on the top page, but I will change it with the slider.

Click "Plugin" from the left menu and click "Add New". スライダープラグイン

Search with the word "Smart Slider" and install. スライダープラグイン


Click "Smart slider" from the left side menu.

Click "Sample Slider".

First, change the main picture with the default settings.

Copy the PHP code written here.

From "Appearance", click "Editor".

Click "Theme Header".

Change the code surrounded by the red box, with the copied PHP code.

Save after you changed the code.

You will see that the main picture has changed it into the slider. メイン画像

To change the picture in the slider and the settings, please see the below article as well.

About Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 について


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