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What we can do before the new search result sytem starts

The previous article was about that the smartphone and the PC search result will be divided.

The new search result will start soon, but how about the system of the search result now.

Actually, we cannot say that the PC and the smartphone search result are running completely the same.

What does this mean?

On the last year May, there was a big shift of the search result system.

There will be no difference in the rank of the search result for the PC website when you own a smartphone website, but if you do not own a smartphone website, your rank of the smartphone search result will decline.

Rank of the PC search engine will stay the same, but only the smartphone rank will be lowered.

In other words, it will be a disadvantage for the person who doesn`t have a smartphone website, but the person who owns both can keep the rank as before.

It will affect your business if your smartphone website ranks lower, and there were almost half of the users who searched with the smartphone at that time.

What steps should we take right now?

I will tell you a pattern of misunderstanding now before the dividing of the search results come in few months.

The big point is to make the volume of the PC website and the smartphone website same.

There are people who cut the words of the contents for the smartphone website compared with the PC website, because the size of the smartphone display is small.

For example, some people cut the text to 500 words on the smartphone website if the PC website has 800 words.

They thought that the users would leave if the contents of the words are longer.

But I say that you shouldn`t cut the words.

Smartphone display is small, but even if the scroll becomes longer, users degree of interest won`t be lowered.

Of course, you should put pictures between words so that the users will see it better.

There is also a way to use "accordion menu" , a button that the contents will appear underneath it when it`s clicked when the words become too long.

The dividing is getting nearer, but one point that we can do right now is to make the text content same volume for the smartphone and the PC website.


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