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Google announced that the smartphone search engine will be divided from the PC search engine within few months

Many people are now searching with the smartphone, and the rate of it is increasing.
There is an expectation of 75% of the users that will use the smartphone to use the search engine.

Especially, shops are mostly searched by the smartphone.

There are some people search in the train or maybe cafe during lunch time by using the smartphone.

This means that having a smartphone website is getting more important.

1.Too small to read the small text words.

2.The buttons are too small to tap.

3.You have to expand the map bigger to see it better.

As you can see, there are many demerits for the PC websites that are used from the smartphone, and many people will conclude to leave the website immediately.

The new smartphone Google search results will arrive soon

In a few months later, Google will divide the PC search engine and the smartphone search engine.
This will lead to the new start of the Google smartphone search result.

By this, it will affect our future SEO, and this will be really crucial for the website organizer.

There will be many SEO points that don`t work with the smartphone websites that we have done on the PC websites.

This means that we need to SEO once again with the smartphone search engine.
In the near future, Google also says that the main search engine will be the smartphone search engine .

To prepare for this, we need to handle the list below.

1.If you don`t have a smartphone website, you should make it as soon as possible.

2.Person who only have part of the pages that becomes smartphone pages, including the blog, you should make all the pages to smartphone website.

3.From now on, not gaining links from the PC website, but there is a high possibilty of receiving links from the smartphone website that will make the rank higher with the smartphone search result. Therefore, we need to learn the proper way of receiving the links for the smartphone search engine.

But if you think positively, there are chances that we can rank even higher with the smartphone search engine from now on.

We need to see the trend of Google, and take steps for the SEO.


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