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Use "listing advertisement"

You have heard "SEO" often but how about "listing advertisement" ?

There are two ways to publish your website on the search result.

"SEO" is a way to publish on the "natural search," and basically all the websites on the internet will be registered.
Google Analytics

When your website is published on the higher rank with a particular keyword, users will easily find it, and you will get many traffics.

That is why "SEO" have many factors for ranking, and one of the important jobs to manage websites is to rank higher on the search result.

For listing advertisement, it will rank higher than SEO.

There are Google and Yahoo advertisement, and this is a paying type of system.

When the users click the ads, you need to pay for it.

Google Analytics

By the way, SEO seems to be the techniques to rank higher on the search result, but from Google, they think "We are the people who are deciding the rank, so please do not try to rank by yourself."

"If you want to rank higher, please use the listing advertisement.

SEO is not to make the rank higher, but by making your website as a good quality, and to make your website more usable for the users, that is the real SEO."

Before, many people bought links from the SEO company to rank higher on the search result, but now you cannot make the rank higher by using this way, but instead we try to make original contents on the website.

We say this "contents SEO method".

But to do "contents SEO method", we need to make several pages, and it takes time to rank higher.

Your website will rank low when you are first starting your website.

Not many of the website will rank high by overtaking the veterans.

Therefore, to start your website, I suggest you use listing advertisement as well.

It is really attractive that any keywords will rank high by using listing advertisement even though if you need to pay for the click.

For example, if you are a pet shop owner in Shinjuku, you will receive many traffics to your website if the users search by the keyword "Shinjuku pet shop".

Many other pet shops also try to rank higher, so it will be like a race on the search list.

But if you use listing advertisement, it will rank higher than the natural search so that you can publish outside of the race.

Of course, there are races on the listing advertisement as well.

The payment will be decided like an auction for one click.

The person who have paid 105 yen for a click will rank higher than a person who have paid 100 yen for a click.

A steep rise will happen by this, but the point that you can publish by any keywords will be a big merit for you.

For example, not only "Shinjuku pet shop" but you can publish by "Shinjuku pet shop cats" and "Shinjuku pet shop dogs" or other related keywords.

Not like the flyers but for the search engine, people who are already wanting the products is searching, so you will get the traffic of the good users who are demanding.

SEO is necessary, but please use listing advertisement also to receive many users.


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