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What is the merit of using the landing page?

Have you ever heard of the word "landing page"?

There are many website companies that have a service of this landing page.

What is the difference between making a website?

If I tell you simply, a landing page is a content made out of one long scrolled page. Since it`s a very long page, many people also say this as "sales letter page".

Users don`t have to click to see each page, but they will look into the contents one by one on the long page by scrolling.

This is very useful techniques on the internet because users don`t have to click and turn the pages all the time. They can just find the information only on that page.

On the end of the page, usually, there is a contact form to contact the owner.

There are statistics that proves that users contact more if the landing page is longer and longer.

Of course, how the contents are made and the order will depend on how much contacts that the owner will get, but many of the landing pages succeed by making the page longer.

On of the techniques is to have both a website and a landing page so that you can gain contacts from the users from two of these.

But you need to becareful that if you have the same contents on the website and the landing page, Google will lower your rank on the search result because of the penalty of overlapping the contents.

Basically, there is a rule that you cannot upload two same contents on the internet.

Therefore, many of the company take a safe way.
That is to put a code on the landing page that doesn`t hit on the search result. If only the website hits on the search result, Google doesn`t count this as an overlap.
Instead of using the search result, they use listing advertisement for the landing page.

It might be difficult to make a landing page by yourself, but for a person who is making a website by him or herself can make the landing page inside the website, and this will work the same as separating with a domain.

I will tell you more about the landing page on different articles.


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