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Use free and pay type material sites.

"Picture" is important to make your website.

Users will leave your website if there are too many words. Therefore, putting pictures on the pages are important for the users to read it easily.

The best is to use real pictures, but if you don`t have pictures that is related to the contents, I will recommend using image pictures.

Where do you find the image pictures?

This time, I will introduce "photo AC" free material website.

「photo AC」 http://www.photo-ac.com/

photo AC

You can download the image pictures free, and you can also use it for business.

Not only the pictures but illustration materials can be downloaded for free so that you can impress your website cutely.

If you use it for the main picuture, it will be a signboard that has a character on it.

cat sign board

I will introduce one more material website.

"PIXTA" https://pixta.jp/


This website is a pay type website but there are many high-quality pictures and illustration materials.

540yen for S size, 1620yen for M size.

You can buy the materials by very low-price.

To use it for your website, M size will be appropriate.

One of the merits is that there are many materials that you can download. You can get whatever pictures you want to have by searching.

There are a flat-rate plan that you can download 25 pictures a month, so some companies and TV programs also use this.

One of the popularity of this website is that you, mainly camera operator, can post your own pictures.

When a person uploads picutures, that person will get margins from "PIXTA" of the number of pictures that have downloaded, and he or she can gain profit from it.

Please use these free and pay type material websites for making your webisites. You can definitely make websites that will be satisfied by the users.


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