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TGM Plugin Activation is a tool that can install a plugin from WordPress theme

When you install a WordPress theme, you may see a message at the top of each page that encourages you to install a specific plugin.

This is due to the downloadable PHP library named TGM Plugin Activation.

Download from here.

Translation is also possible other than English.

Below, I will tell you how to use this.

After downloading, there is example.php file inside the folder. Please rename it.
Put it in a folder that you have created with class-tgm-plugin-activation.php.

This time, I have created a folder "tgm-plugin-activation" in the folder named "inc", and store it in that.
※inc folder is at the same layer as functions.php.

Then, add this 1 line to functions.php

tgm-config.php is the file that renamed with example.php.

In order to place the plugin, list the followings inside "tgm-config.php."
Name, slug, and select "Required" or "Recommend".

For this time

Plugin name=WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design
"Required" or "Recommend"=false becomes "Recommend".

There are also other options such as version, force_activation, force_deactivation, and external_url.
Each role is described in this English page.

The installation of TGM Plugin Activation is now completed.

TGM can be used in the theme, but be careful when applying to the official theme directory.
TGM must be a plugin that is related to the theme contents.
You cannot set any kind of plugin. You can put it, for example, a plugin that operates the widget part of the theme, or a plugin that is able to change the font used in the theme.
It has to be the plugin that the system is part of the theme.

It is hard to determine whether the plugin can be a set with that theme, but those who want to use it on the official theme should give questions on a bulletin board, etc. before you register to the official directory.


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TGM Plugin Activation is a tool that can install a plugin from WordPress theme

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